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In-depth research and professional background

We have a senior R&D team that conducts in-depth research on the properties, applications and processes of each alloy to ensure the best solutions for our customers.

Large-scale production capacity

We have the capacity for large-scale production to meet customers’ needs for various alloy materials and ensure delivery time and quantity.

Customized service

According to the specific needs of customers, we can provide customized alloy formulations, specifications and properties to meet individual needs.

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Our Production Line

Play Video about monel tube process
Play Video about inconel strip process

Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Marine Industry
  • Energy Sector
  • Chemical Processing Industry
  • Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Automotive Industry
  • Engineering Tools
  • Pressure Die Casting Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Shafts and Cylinders Manufacturers
  • Forging Parts Manufacturers
  • Blades/Knives Industries

Client Testimonials

We have been deeply satisfied since working with Huaxiao Metal. They provide Inconel alloys with excellent properties that fulfill our need for high quality materials. Thanks to Huaxiao Metal's professional service and excellent products, we look forward to more cooperation in the future.
Client Testimonials
Rafael Torres
Huaxiao Metal's Hastelloy alloy solved a long-standing problem for us. Its corrosion resistance has exceeded our expectations and has greatly improved the life of our equipment. Furthermore, the team at Huaxiao Metal is very professional and friendly, providing us with full support. We highly recommend Huaxiao Metal's specialty steel products.
Client Testimonials
Sergio Ruiz


Our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 100 kilograms, but depending on your specific needs, we can offer customized services.

We provide one-stop service from alloy production to finished product supply. Specifically, this includes: customization of alloys according to customer needs, production, quality control, packaging and shipping.

With advanced production equipment and processes, we are capable of mass production according to customers’ needs, and guarantee the quality and delivery time of the products.

We adopt a strict quality control system, from raw material purchasing to production process to finished product inspection, to ensure that every step meets the quality standards. Meanwhile, we can also provide customers with quality inspection reports.

The advantages of our services are: professional technical team, rich industry experience, strict quality control system and flexible customized services. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services to meet their various needs.

We attach great importance to customers’ feedback and opinions, if customers have the need to return goods or complaints, they can contact us at any time. We will listen to customers’ opinions carefully and deal with related problems in time to ensure that customers’ rights and interests are protected.

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