Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy

Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy, abbreviated as TiNi SMA, is a special alloy with shape memory function. It consists of titanium and nickel elements, and through precise control of its composition and heat treatment process, it has a shape memory effect and superelasticity.

This alloy is capable of undergoing reversible phase transformation within a certain temperature range, thus restoring its original shape.TiNi SMA has a wide range of applications in medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics fields, such as in the manufacture of intelligent drives, sensors, and actuators.

Due to its unique properties and broad application prospects, TiNi SMA has become a research hotspot in the field of materials science and engineering.


Grades of Inconel

Product standards for main grades

Alloy Plate/Strip Seamless pipe Welded pipe Bar/wire Forgings/Flanges/ Valves
GB 24627,GB/T 39985
GB/T 39989,YST 971

Advantages of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy

The unique advantages of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy (TiNi SMA) are mainly in the following aspects:


1.Shape Memory Effect:

TiNi SMA has an excellent shape memory effect and is able to recover its original shape within a certain temperature range. This property makes it an ideal material for manufacturing smart drivers, sensors and actuators.


TiNi SMA has excellent superelasticity and is able to recover quickly after being subjected to large deformations. This property makes it useful for a wide range of applications where complex stress changes are required, such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

3.Corrosion resistance:

The titanium element in TiNi SMA’s composition provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it resistant to corrosion in a variety of harsh environments. This gives it a wide range of applications in fields such as marine engineering and chemical engineering.


Since TiNi SMA is non-toxic to living beings and has good biocompatibility, it has a wide range of applications in the medical field, such as in the manufacture of human implants and medical devices.

5.Easy to process and fabricate:

TiNi SMA has good processing and welding properties, and can be easily cut, bent, drilled and other processing operations. At the same time, its heat treatment process is relatively simple, reducing production costs.

In summary, the unique advantages of TiNi SMA make it stand out among many special alloys. Its shape memory effect, super elasticity, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and ease of processing and manufacturing make TiNi SMA widely used in medical, aerospace, automotive, chemical and other fields, and become an indispensable and important material in modern industry.

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