Inconel 625

Inconel 625(UNS N06625) is a corrosion and oxidation resistant nickel alloy used for its high strength and excellent resistance to water corrosion. Its excellent strength and toughness is due to the addition of niobium, which along with molybdenum hardens the matrix of the alloy.
Alloy 625 has excellent fatigue strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance to chloride ions. This nickel alloy has excellent weldability and is often used to weld AL-6XN. This alloy is resistant to a variety of severely corrosive environments and is particularly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion.

Inconel 625(UNS N06625) data sheet

AlloyGB (China)UNS (USA)SEW VDIUV (Germany)BS (UK)AFNOR (France)
Inconel 625NS336N06625NiCr22Mo9Nb (W.Nr. 2.4856)NA21NC 22 DNb
Inconel_625(UNS N06625)

Inconel 625(UNS N06625) Production Standard

AlloyUNSPlate/Sheet StandardPipe/Tubing StandardBar/Wire StandardForging Standard
Inconel 625N06625ASTM B670/B906AMS 5589/5590ASTM B637ASTM B670/B906


Product FormSize Range Description
Inconel 625 Plate and SheetThickness from 0.5 mm to over 100 mm; widths up to several meters; lengths can be customized.
Inconel 625 Pipe and TubeOuter diameters ranging from 1/8 inch (3 mm) to 36 inches or larger; wall thickness varies from thin to thick.
Inconel 625 Bar and WireDiameters from 1 mm to 250 mm for bars; similar size range for wire, used for welding materials or precision parts.
Inconel 625 ForgingsSize and shape vary according to use, ranging from small machine components to large industrial equipment parts.
Inconel 625 Welding ProductsWelding wire and rods typically available in diameters from 0.8 mm to 4 mm, suitable for various welding techniques.


Inconel 625(UNS N06625) supplier in China——Huaxiao-alloy

Chemical composition of Inconel 625(UNS N06625)(%)

ElementComposition (%)
Nickel (Ni)58.0 min
Chromium (Cr)20.0 – 23.0
Molybdenum (Mo)8.0 – 10.0
Iron (Fe)5.0 max
Niobium (Nb)3.15 – 4.15
Manganese (Mn)0.50 max
Silicon (Si)0.50 max
Carbon (C)0.10 max
Aluminum (Al)0.40 max
Titanium (Ti)0.40 max
Phosphorus (P)0.015 max
Sulfur (S)0.015 max
Cobalt (Co)1.0 max


Inconel 625(UNS N06625) supplier in China——Huaxiao-alloy

Physical properties of Inconel 625(UNS N06625)

Physical PropertyValue
Density8.44 g/cm³
Melting Point1290 – 1350 °C
Thermal Expansion12.8 µm/m-°C (20-100 °C)
Thermal Conductivity9.8 W/m-K at 100 °C
Specific Heat Capacity410 J/kg-K at 20 °C
Electrical Resistivity1.29 µΩ-m at 20 °C
Magnetic Permeability<1.001 at 200 Oersted (15.9 kA/m)
Modulus of Elasticity207 GPa (at 20 °C)


Mechanical properties of Inconel 625(UNS N06625)

Mechanical PropertyValue
Tensile Strength930 MPa (min)
Yield Strength (0.2% offset)517 MPa (min)
Elongation (in 50 mm)42% (min)
Hardness183 HB (Brinell)
Modulus of Elasticity205 GPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.30


Inconel 625(UNS N06625) supplier in China——Huaxiao-alloy

Applications of Inconel 625(UNS N06625)

Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) is a highly versatile nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, as well as its excellent mechanical strength and durability. Here are some key applications of Inconel 625, highlighting how its unique properties are utilized across various industries:

  1. Aerospace Industry:

    • Jet Engine Components: Utilized in exhaust systems and turbine blades due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and oxidation.
    • Spacecraft Components: Used in rocket engine thrust chambers for its thermal stability and resistance to high-heat environments.
  2. Marine Industry:

    • Submarine Rescue Systems: Employed in submarine rescue devices and other deep-sea exploration equipment because of its excellent corrosion resistance in seawater.
    • Propeller Blades and Underwater Equipment: Suitable for propellers and submersible vehicles due to its strength and resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking.
  3. Oil and Gas Industry:

    • Offshore Oil Rig Components: Used in risers, underwater piping systems, and other offshore platform applications where strength and corrosion resistance are essential.
    • High-Pressure Environment Equipment: Ideal for components such as valves, pumps, and heat exchangers in sour gas environments due to its resistance to sulfide stress cracking.
  4. Chemical Processing:

    • Reactor Vessels and Piping: Utilized in chemical reactors and piping systems for handling mixed acids and other highly corrosive materials.
    • Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems: Applied in systems for controlling emissions in power plants because of its resistance to a variety of acidic compounds.
  5. Nuclear Field:

    • Nuclear Reactor Cores and Control Rods: Chosen for nuclear reactors due to its excellent mechanical strength and resistance to radiation damage.
    • Waste Re-processing Equipment: Utilized in handling radioactive materials, providing safety against corrosion by radioactive elements and high temperatures.
  6. Automotive Industry:

    • Exhaust Systems: Used in high-performance vehicle exhaust systems due to its high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance.

These applications are directly tied to the alloy’s key properties, such as high tensile and yield strength, excellent fatigue and creep resistance, and its unparalleled performance in extreme environments. This makes Inconel 625 an ideal choice for critical applications where failure is not an option.

FAQs about Inconel 625(UNS N06625)

The UNS number N06625 refers to Inconel 625, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy known for its high strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, and excellent fabricability.

The UNS grade for Inconel 625 is N06625. This designation is part of the Unified Numbering System (UNS), which provides a standardized identifier for metals and alloys.

The equivalent of UNS N06625 is often referred to by other standards and specifications, including:

  • W.Nr. 2.4856 (German/European standard)
  • NiCr22Mo9Nb (ISO designation)
  • ASTM B446 (specific to the form, such as bar, forging, etc.)

UNS N06625 (Inconel 625) and UNS N08825 (Incoloy 825) are both nickel-based alloys but have different chemical compositions and are designed for different applications.

  • Inconel 625 (N06625) contains higher chromium and molybdenum, making it more suitable for high-temperature and high-strength applications, along with excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of acidic and marine environments.
  • Incoloy 825 (N08825) contains significant amounts of iron and copper, enhancing its resistance to reducing acids and environments where it might face sulfide-induced stress corrosion cracking. It is particularly useful in the oil and gas industry.

Inconel 625 LCF (Low Cycle Fatigue) is a variant of Inconel 625 designed to provide improved fatigue strength and better thermal fatigue resistance. It retains the same corrosion resistance as standard Inconel 625 but is optimized for applications where mechanical stress and thermal cycling are more intense.

The UNS number for Incoloy 825 is N08825. This alloy is notable for its ability to withstand sulfuric and phosphoric acid environments and is commonly used in the chemical processing, oil and gas, and nuclear industries.


In conclusion, Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) stands out as a superior alloy noted for its excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, high strength, and durability under extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for tough applications in aerospace, marine, chemical processing, and nuclear sectors.

Suppliers like Huaxiao-alloy focus on providing this high-quality alloy, ensuring industries have materials that perform well in harsh environments. Inconel 625 is versatile, offering high tensile strength and resistance to various corrosive media. It also excels in high-temperature settings, making it crucial for critical applications across key industries.

How to choose a Inconel 625(UNS N06625) supplier?

Choosing a supplier for Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) involves several considerations to ensure that you receive high-quality material that meets your specific requirements. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a supplier:

  1. Quality and Certifications:

    • Ensure the supplier has ISO 9001 or other relevant quality management system certifications. This indicates they adhere to international quality standards.
    • Check if they provide material test reports (MTRs) that confirm the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the alloy as per industry standards (e.g., ASTM, ASME).
  2. Experience and Reputation:

    • Evaluate the supplier’s experience in the industry, especially with high-performance alloys like Inconel 625.
    • Seek recommendations or check reviews from other customers to gauge their reliability and service quality.
  3. Product Range and Availability:

    • Verify that the supplier stocks or can procure Inconel 625 in the forms you need, such as bar, sheet, plate, tubing, or custom forms.
    • Check their ability to meet your quantity requirements and the lead times for delivery.
  4. Technical Support and Services:

    • Assess the level of technical support the supplier offers. This includes assistance with alloy selection, machining advice, and after-sales support.
    • Determine if they provide additional services like cutting, machining, or heat treating, which might be beneficial for your specific application.
  5. Pricing and Cost Efficiency:

    • Compare pricing between different suppliers to ensure competitive rates but beware of unusually low prices that might indicate inferior quality.
    • Consider long-term cost savings offered through reliable service, consistent quality, and supply chain efficiencies rather than just the upfront material cost.
  6. Compliance and Environmental Standards:

    • Ensure the supplier complies with environmental regulations and standards, which is important for sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  7. Geographic Location:

    • Consider the supplier’s location in relation to your operations. Proximity can reduce shipping times and costs, and it facilitates easier communication and site visits if needed.
  8. Sample Policy:

    • Ask if the supplier can provide samples of Inconel 625 for you to test before making a large purchase. This can help you verify material quality and compatibility with your applications.

By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, you can select a supplier who not only provides Inconel 625 that meets your requirements but also offers reliable and efficient service to support your business’s needs effectively.

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