As we all know, the more high-end manufacturing industries, the more stringent their performance requirements are for metal materials, especially in aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear energy, and other fields, which require metal materials to maintain stable performance in extreme environments. This is why Inconel stands out among many materials. In this article, we will try to answer the question: why is Inconel so popular in manufacturing?

Why is Inconel so popular in manufacturing?
Why is Inconel so popular in manufacturing?

Why is Inconel so popular in manufacturing?

As a so-called “super alloy“, Inconel’s outstanding performance is its ability to withstand extreme high temperatures and high pressure environments. When Inconel encounters extreme high temperatures, it can quickly form an oxide layer on the surface to protect the metal surface from further thermal corrosion; in extreme pressure environments, Inconel can also maintain structural stability and withstand Heavy loads and severe deformations. Because of its significant advantages, Inconel can be used in many high-end manufacturing fields.

First of all, in the aerospace field, because the inlet temperature of the aerospace engine can be maintained at around 700 degrees for a long time, and the working temperature of the high-pressure turbine front blades can even be as high as 2000 degrees, high-temperature resistant Inconel alloy has become the first choice and is used to manufacture turbine disks, blades, nozzles and exhaust ducts, etc.

In addition, in the petrochemical industry, especially in the oil and gas extraction process, equipment that is thousands of meters deep underground is often subjected to astonishing pressure, which requires reliable high performance of the extraction equipment. Equipment made of Inconel satisfies this demand well and is often used to manufacture parts such as pressure vessels, well pump motor shafts, and seals.

Besides, Inconel alloys also have good corrosion resistance. In the field of nuclear energy, Inconel alloys are also used to manufacture structural parts and fuel elements of nuclear reactors, becoming an indispensable component of nuclear reactors.

In general, the importance of Inconel in aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear energy industry and other fields makes it play an increasingly important role in modern industry. As technology advances and the demand for high-performance materials increases, the application range of Inconel will further expand.


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