If you are new to the world of metal materials, you may have such a question: what is 718 INCONEL? As a shining pearl among Inconel alloys, 718 INCONEL (also known as Inconel 718 or UNS N07718) is known for its unique High temperature performance, excellent corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties play an irreplaceable role in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy and other fields. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of 718 INCONEL to show its unique charm and wide application.

What is 718 INCONEL?
What is 718 INCONEL?

What is 718 INCONEL?

1. Basic characteristics of 718 INCONEL

718 INCONEL is a nickel-based high-temperature alloy, mainly composed of nickel, chromium, iron and other elements, with a small amount of niobium, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum and other elements added. The addition of these elements gives 718 INCONEL the following unique basic characteristics:

Excellent high temperature performance: 718 INCONEL can still maintain good mechanical properties and stability in high temperature environments, and its operating temperature range can reach -253°C to 650°C.

Excellent corrosion resistance: This alloy has good corrosion resistance to both oxidizing and reducing environments, especially to harsh environments such as sea water and salt spray.

Good mechanical properties: 718 INCONEL has high strength and toughness, as well as good fatigue resistance and creep resistance.

2. Manufacturing process of 718 INCONEL

The manufacturing process of 718 INCONEL is very strict and requires multiple links such as smelting, forging, rolling, and heat treatment. Among them, smelting is the first and most critical step in manufacturing 718 INCONEL. During the smelting process, the composition and proportion of raw materials need to be strictly controlled to ensure the performance of the alloy. Forging and rolling are the processes of processing the smelted alloy into the desired shape and size. Finally, the properties of the alloy can be further tuned through heat treatment to meet the needs of different application areas.

3. Application fields of 718 INCONEL

Due to its unique performance and manufacturing process, 718 INCONEL has been widely used in many fields:

Aerospace field: 718 INCONEL is most widely used in the aerospace field, and is mainly used to manufacture key components such as turbine disks, turbine blades, and combustion chambers of engines. These components work in high-temperature and high-pressure environments and have extremely high performance requirements for materials. 718 INCONEL is the material of choice for these parts due to its excellent high temperature performance and mechanical properties.

Nuclear energy field: In the nuclear energy field, 718 INCONEL is mainly used to manufacture key components such as fuel elements and control rods in nuclear reactors. These components need to operate stably for a long time in a radioactive environment, and have extremely high requirements on the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the materials. The excellent performance of 718 INCONEL makes it an ideal choice for the nuclear energy field.

Petrochemical field: In the petrochemical field, 718 INCONEL is mainly used to manufacture key equipment such as reactors, heat exchangers, and pipelines. These equipment need to withstand high temperature, high pressure and corrosion from corrosive media in petrochemical production. The excellent performance of 718 INCONEL enables it to ensure the safe and stable operation of these equipment.


718 INCONEL, as a high-performance nickel-based alloy, has been widely used in many fields due to its excellent high temperature performance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

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